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Gregg N. Wolin

Gregg Wolin became active in the real estate industry prior to graduating from the University of Arizona in 1990.  Throughout most of the following decade, Mr. Wolin resided and worked in Southern California where he performed consultation and advisory work for a primarily institutional and legal clientele regarding a wide variety of property types.  In the mid-1990s this practice expanded into the areas of contract underwriting for commercial conduit lenders and due diligence for investors making bulk real estate purchases.  After relocating to Arizona in 1997, Mr. Wolin served as an economic advisor to financial institutions, large landowners, and residential developers.  In 1999, Mr. Wolin transitioned from consulting to investments when he co-founded INCA Capital.

INCA Capital executed nearly fifty residential Lot Banking transactions with a gross capitalization of over $500 million and equity of approximately $90 million.  Despite the challenges that developed in the residential housing sector later in the decade, these transactions generated an overall internal rate of return to investors [net of fees] of 14%.  Beginning in 2001, INCA expanded its activities to include the acquisition and entitlement of more than 13,000 residential lots, approximately half of which were sold prior to 2008, generating net revenues in excess of $70 million.  In his role as Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Wolin managed all aspects of INCA's investment activities, including transaction underwriting, fundraising and syndication, institutional borrowing, closing, and asset management.

Mr. Wolin is a member of the Lambda Alpha International land economics society, a full member of the Urban Land Institute, and holds the CCIM designation from the CCIM Institute.  He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and was Treasurer of the Pardes Jewish Day School and a member of its Board of Trustees.

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